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UFO-shaped Chicken Coop Ready for Lift-off

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 5, 2019

I live in the city in Chicago, so I never figured I’d see a live chicken wandering around my neighborhood. But it’s something I’ve actually seen on occasion. I’m assuming some hipster is doing urban farming somewhere around here, and a chicken got out of their coop. I bet if their coop looked like this one, their chickens would never want to leave.

This awesome UFO-shaped chicken coop was put together by the guys at Idaho’s Backyard Chickens, and it’s a truly out of this world build. Its main domed shell is actually built from a pair of upcycled old satellite dishes.

It’s been upgraded with lots of features like waterproofing, windows, ventilation, remote-controlled heat emitters, LED lighting, and even surveillance cameras for keeping an eye on the chickens and their eggs inside. Of course, it’s also got easy egg access. It’s clear from the video clip that the chickies love their extraterrestrial new home…

If you’d like to build a UFO chicken coop of your own, head over to Backyard Chickens to check out the full build log. Amazing job, guys!