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Beat Your Meat With The Infinity Gauntlet

 |  |  |  |  May 9, 2019

Look, there’s no shame in admitting that we all beat our meat. How else are you gonna get it tender? I do it, you do it, the Avengers do it, even Thanos does it with his Infinity Gauntlet on. If you want to tenderize your meat like Marvel’s big baddie, we have just the thing for you, The Infinity Gauntlet meat tenderizer.

This superior meat beater was imagined by the folks at Firebox. But sadly, at the moment, it isn’t a real product. It is just a concept. However, they do say that if enough people say they want one by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ button, they’ll look into making it happen for real. I just hope the infinity stones don’t fall off this thing, because I don’t want to go on some epic search for them all around the house.

Or Thanos could just snap his fingers and make all meat everywhere tenderized – or at least half of it. Why didn’t he do that? Could have saved us all a lot of hassle by providing that service if you ask me, instead of killing half the universe. What a dummy.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]