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Guy Restores Crusty Old Game Boy to Factory Condition

 |  |  |  June 1, 2019

Video game systems and computers from the 1980s had a bad habit of coming in light-colored plastics which all aged quite horribly. Even just sitting out turned many of them yellow, and usage just made it worse. Take for example this grubby Nintendo Game Boy that Odd Tinkering put his hands on.

He bought the Game Boy online after it had already had a very full life, with all of the wear and tear that goes along with it. Not only was it in terrible cosmetic shape, the display was faded and had lots of vertical lines in it. His mission was to turn it into a factory fresh model and restore its sexiness. Return them to their prime. Give them a face-lift. Resurrect it like a zombie, then shoot it in the screen when it craves your brains. To accomplish this, he had to first disassemble all of the electronic bits, then managed to repair the vertical lines using a trick that heats the connectors with a soldering iron. The case needed extensive cleaning, and got a new bezel too.

You can check out the full restoration process in the video below:

I have to admit, this dude did a great job. Hey, send me your number, I have like five Game Boys and an old Atari handheld that look like they’ve been to war. I probably shouldn’t throw them every time I lose. Now he can play Tetris in style and pretend that this technology is brand spanking new. Besides, someone has to help keep the AA battery companies in business. They can’t depend on Walkmans anymore.

[via Geekologie]