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These Plush Porgs Need a Home

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 4, 2019

Say what you will about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it did give us some of the cutest characters in the history of science fiction with the Porgs. Who could possibly hate these cuddly bird-like creatures? And if it weren’t for the huge flocks of puffins on the Irish island of Skellig Michael, they wouldn’t even exist.

If you love Porgs too, then maybe you should bring some into your home.

The folks at Ukraine Etsy shop Porgomania offer up these simply adorable 9.5″ tall plush Porgs for everyone to enjoy. Each one is handmade, and features a fluffy coat of fur and a soft, squeezy belly. Since they’re made to order, you can choose from long or short fur on their faces, as well as the color for their backs, for a unique collection.

Best thing is, you don’t have to get yourself all the way to Ahch-To (bless you) to get your hands on these porgs. Just drop by the Porgomania Etsy shop, and you can start building your very own porg family today.