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Googly Eye Push Pins Have Got Their Eyes on You

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 19, 2021

Do you know what makes everything better? Googly eyes, that’s what. Simply slap some of these puppies onto any item, and it gives them instant personality. While you could just buy a bunch of sticky googly eyes and start gluing them to things, I think these push pins are a better idea.

Archie McPhee’s goofy Googly Eye Push Pins are a great addition to any memo board, and let you give every single item on your cubicle wall the eyeballs it deserves. I suppose you could even use them to embellish fruit and veggies as they did with that strawberry, but then you’ll want to eat it pretty soon so it doesn’t spoil from those extra holes you punched into its face. But can you really snack on something once you’ve bestowed it with the gift of vision?

If you’re ready to start slapping eyeballs on every last thing in sight, head over to Amazon (affiliate link) and grab a set of 25 of these suckers. I do find it strange that these come in an odd number. I guess you’re gonna have a cyclops or a three-eyed monster somewhere on your wall.