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Blanc Full-Face Mask and HEPA Filter: If Daft Punk Made PPE

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | January 28, 2021

Looking to protect yourself from airborne pathogens and being identified by Big Brother? Well, you’re in luck. With the Blanc full-face modular mask with HEPA filter. Nobody will know who, or WHAT you are, but they will know you aren’t getting sick. Um, did we just pass a robot on the street?

Having already raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter, the Blanc is now looking for another round of crowdfunding on Indigogo, with a basic mask starting at $99, and one with an extra set of filters and your choice of colored front panels for $124. Obviously, with a 360-degree seal around your face to ensure you only breathe through the HEPA filters, these are not masks for the people who couldn’t be bothered to wear even a fabric mask in public. No, these are for people who WANT to wear a mask and don’t want anybody to be able to identify them, AKA superheroes, supervillains, low-level criminals, and weirdos.

The masks are advertised as being able to help a wearer “highlight their personal style,” which, from what I could gather from the promotional materials, is limited to what color exterior panels you choose. Obviously, I’ll be the Blue Ranger, then we’ll just need Yellow, Red, Pink, Black, and Green Rangers to form Megazord and finally put an end to Rita Repulsa.