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DIY Speaker with Ferrofluid Display: Lava Amp

 |  |  |  May 25, 2021

YouTuber Dakd Jung recently shared a montage of them making a Bluetooth speaker with a one-of-a-kind visualizer. In front of the speaker is a small glass case with a bit of ferrofluid in it. Inside the speaker is a device that converts part of the sound signal into electromagnetic signals, causing the blob to react to the sound in real-time. Skip to 2:02 in the video to check out the device in action.

It may sound straightforward, but Dakd says a big challenge of his device is that ferrofluid normally sticks to the glass. Dakd had to coat the inside of the case with “special treatment” to allow the ferrofluid to float.

It seems like the ferrofluid can react only to one frequency at a time, and violently at that. But for a one-man passion project, it’s still very well made.

[via The Verge]