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Stormtrooper Multi-Tool: The Empire Has a Sonic Screwdriver

 |  |  |  |  |  October 28, 2021

By hite

If it isn’t already, soon, every single product will be available with some sort of Star Wars theme. Case in point: this Stormtrooper Multi-Tool. It’s a multi-tool, but it’s white and has a stormtrooper head on the side of it, apparently making it just Star Wars-themed enough to justify selling. What do they take me for, some sort of Star Wars fanatic? I’m going to buy two, one for everyday carry, one to leave at home in my junk drawer.

Available from Firebox, the $21 tool includes three different-sized flat-head screwdriver heads, three different Phillips heads, one mini glasses screwdriver, and a flashlight so you can see just what you’re screwing. So while I guess it technically is a multi-tool, that multi-tooling is pretty much limited to driving screws.

But are stormtroopers even handy with tools? Because if they’re as good at repairing things as they are at hitting the target, they’re shooting at, I want no part of it. You’re better off just stripping all the screws so you can’t do any more damage than calling Chewbacca to come and fix it for you.