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The GameCube Controller Sandwich is One Delicious Peripheral

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 19, 2022

Because brilliant ideas come in all flavors, video game hardware modder and YouTuber Peter Knetter went and constructed himself a sandwich from a GameCube controller. Yum! It’s not actually edible, though, all the sandwich bits are made out of wax or plastic, but it is a functional controller. Now somebody just needs to port Cooking Mama or Overcooked to the GameCube for a match made in heaven!

The sandwich consists of an actual GameCube controller as the core of the sandwich, surrounded by fake deli meat, lettuce, and tomato, and finished with two pieces of faux bread. Not bad, but it’s very clearly missing mustard and mayonnaise, which I think we can all agree are the condiments that really make a sandwich, a sandwich. Back to culinary school with you!

Even knowing it’s not edible, I’d still have a hard time not trying to eat the controller. I’m a simple person — I see things that look like food, and I try to eat them. I can’t even tell you how many times an ambulance has had to be called because I was choking on a piece of plastic fruit, but it’s definitely in the double digits.