Build Your Own Burp And Fart Sound Machine With This STEM Learning Kit

With over 15 years of writing experience, Jonathan has had a passion for all things tech-related since watching Inspector Gadget as a child. He's disassembled countless appliances and managed to put a few back together, and one actually still works. When not writing, he can often be found playing video games or accidentally hurting himself tinkering in the garage.

Because it’s essential to expose children to the wonders of electronics at an early age, Circuit Blox has created the Build Your Own Burp n Fart Machine. The kit includes everything a child (or adult) needs to construct a crude noisemaker. Circuit Blox use LEGO-like blocks with embedded circuitry to quickly and easily build basic electronic devices. In this case, a device that makes burp and fart sounds with the push of a button. Admittedly, kids do love those sounds.

Once assembled, the machine is capable of making ten different sound effects. And it doesn’t look difficult to build either; the entire kit is just six pieces. I question how much learning, if any, will be done during its assembly. I assume Circuit Blox probably sells other kits that provide more significant learning opportunities; those just don’t make burp and fart sounds.

When I was growing up, all my STEM learning was gained from trying to hastily repair whichever of my dad’s electronics I’d broken before he got home from work. And I learned a lot, too. But mainly just that an unattended soldering iron can and will start a fire.

[via DudeIWantThat]