V8 Engine Constructed Entirely Out Of Vintage LEGO Is One Big Block Indeed

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Constructed by auto enthusiast and LEGO builder Evan Koblentz based on the Corvette C3’s big-block Chevrolet 454 cubic inch V8, this is a functional replica of the engine built entirely with LEGO. The massive powerhouse weighs an impressive 39.6 pounds (roughly 1/15th of the real thing) and even includes a transmission, complete with functional clutch and gear shifting. Wow, and I thought the LEGO Star Wars set I built was impressive.

The engine won ‘Best Mechanical Build’ at Brickworld Chicago 2023, and after watching the video, I can see why. The engine and transmission measure almost four feet long, 18 inches tall, and 24 inches wide.
It includes a working crankshaft, pistons, pushrods, camshaft, 16 valves, and spark plug lights and is powered by nine 4.5V LEGO motors. It has a working 4-speed transmission with reverse and is built 100% out of LEGO bricks from the 1970s and 80s, mainly from the Expert Builds series (the predecessor to Technic). Evan stresses that he used no new pieces and wanted to show what was possible with all vintage parts. And deliver he did!

The engine is connected to a clone of an old Apple 2 computer, which controls the spark plug lights to indicate when the spark plugs would be sparking. The four-speed transmission can be shifted by pressing the clutch lever and moving the shifter, which changes the speed at which the output crank turns. Wow, is there anything Evan didn’t think of? Fingers crossed, he builds an entire LEGO Corvette around the engine next!

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