Fantasy Hike: Walk To Mount Fire, A Lord Of The Rings Inspired Walking Tracker

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Exercise: it’s hard work. And anything a person can do it make it more fun and interesting, the more likely they are to continue on their fitness journey. Enter Fantasy Hike: Walk To Mount Fire, a Lord of The Rings inspired iPhone walking tracker that monitors your halfling (Hobbit) avatar’s movement on a 2,865km (1,780 mile) make-believe journey from your Halfling House (Hobbit-hole), all the way to Mount Fire (Mount Doom).

The app tracks your daily progress, estimates when you’ll arrive at your fiery goal, and provides a side-scrolling animation highlighting the ground you’ve covered so far so you can relive the day’s (or week’s or year’s) journey while you’re laying in bed at night icing your legs with bags of frozen vegetables.

Obviously, the names and locations were changed to avoid any copyright infringement, so don’t expect the Balrog scene from the movie to play when you’re passing through the Misty Mountains (presumably renamed the Hazy Mountains in-app). And at an average of 3 miles walked per day, you’ll reach Mount Fire in a year and 228 days, just in time to throw the One Necklace into the lava and complete your quest.

[via LaughingSquid]