LEGO Natural History Museum Set: Your Own Night at the Museum

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Unveiled just in time for me to reallocate the money I was going to spend on other people’s Christmas gifts this year, the LEGO Icons Natural History Museum is a massive 4,014-piece museum set. It comes complete with dual skylights and naturally lit interior rooms full of natural history treasures, including a brachiosaurus skeleton!

The set will be released December 1st for $299, and is the largest of LEGO’s Modular Buildings sets to date. It features two stories of exhibits, seven minifigs (nine if you count the two statues outside!), and a whole lot of fun to be had, especially if you watch Night at the Museum while you build it, which I plan to.

I love how they used a LEGO bullwhip to double as a fossilized shell. How clever is that?! Or, who knows, maybe it’s a nod to famed archaeologist Indiana Jones. I swear, LEGO builders never cease to amaze me…or empty my wallet.

[via TechEBlog]