Piece-By-Piece Teardown Of Apple’s Vision Pro To See Just What’s Inside

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Because how excited can I really get about a new product without a video of somebody taking it apart right away, this is a video of the team at iFixit carefully disassembling Apple’s Vision Pro VR/AR headset piece-by-piece to see just what’s inside. SPOILER: About a million tiny screws, brackets, and connectors. Seriously, I lost count somewhere in the hundreds.

Apple advertises the Vision Pro as a spatial computing system that allows a user to interact with digital elements inside an augmented reality setting (you can still see your actual surroundings, but through front-facing cameras, you can’t actually see through the lens). In the first video, the entire device is disassembled, revealing “tons of convoluted construction, finicky fasteners, and a bevy of brackets that made for a virtual nightmare.” Of course, if you buy one, you probably won’t be taking it apart, so don’t worry!

The second video discusses the Vision Pro’s performance, detailing its actual resolution, processing power, battery capacity, and repairability. From what I could gather watching, it appears to be virtually unrepairable by almost anybody but Apple, which surprises me very little based on the time I tried to repair my own iPhone and rendered it an expensive brick.

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