Man Constructs Stunning Rubber Band Firing Wooden Minigun

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The brainchild of Youtuber GenericWoodworking, this electric-powered wooden minigun shoots rubber bands and sets off cap gun caps as it fires them for extra loud sound effects. It probably goes without saying, but this man will not be allowed to participate in my next rubber band gunfight. Finger guns only!

Since the gun is electric-powered, it’s not entirely wooden and uses parts from a lawn trimmer and belt sander for its drive mechanisms. Its maker did try to make everything he possibly could out of wood, though, including some of the gun’s larger gears.

The minigun took over 300 hours to construct, and the man behind Generic Woodworking suffered numerous setbacks. Me? If I hit a single setback, I abandon the entire project. Sure, that’s led me to never actually finish any project, but think of all the hours and aggravation I’ve saved myself.

[via TheAwesomer]