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King of the Quilt: Halo Screenshot Project Fit for a Gift

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 29, 2009

So let’s say you have twenty or so awesome moments in your Halo 3 career preserved in screenshots. Yeah, the time you stuck that guy right in the face? Remember when you snatched up that flag right in the middle of heavy fire from the red team? Moments to remember forever… and if you’re this guy, you can sleep under ’em, too.

halo 3 quilt

This lucky gamer’s wife took twenty of his Halo 3 screenshots and immortalized them in a handmade quilt. The only possible way to improve on this idea is to make a Halo Snuggie. Get on that, crafty types.

SlickWillyQ’s special gift includes a lot of other little touches, like medals and his gamertag, just in case someone else tries to claim these are their quilted exploits. Good looking out, Wife-of-Willy. And good gifting, too.

[via Hawty McBloggy]