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Nu-Screen HD Polish Stick Keeps Gadget Screens Shiny and Waxy

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Written by Lambert Varias | April 8, 2011

I guess someone was bound to come up with a product like this sooner or later. Invented by Joe Graley, the Nu-Screen HD is a rub-on substance that supposedly keeps gadget screens clean and shiny. It’s mostly made up of carnauba wax, which is also used in car waxes, surfboard waxes, floor and furniture waxes, shoe polishes… you get the idea.

nu screen hd screen polish

Unfortunately we don’t have any concrete proof of Nu-Screen HD’s effectiveness – a demo video would be nice. But even if it does give gadget screens that brand new look and make them easier to clean, I’d still rather use my plain old screen protector on my phone to protect it from scratches. So I guess I’ll hold out for a, uhm, screen protector polisher. The Nu-Screen HD is available here for $20 (USD).

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