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Wearable Boom Box is Literally Spine-Tingling

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Written by Paul Strauss | October 9, 2011

A few years back, I wrote about an unusual concept backpack which had a sound system built into it. I’m not sure if that pack ever made it to market, but leave it to the ingenuity of one of the artists of Etsy to come up with a real one you can buy.


San Francisco artist/software engineer Joe Andolina (aka Megaplow) is actually calling this wearable audio system a “Speaker Vest,” but from everything I can tell, it’s really more like a backpack, just built into a vest. Whatever it’s called, you’ll definitely draw attention walking down the street with this booming audio system strapped to your body.


It’s actually constructed from a Dainese Gilet Cali Tessuto vest, with a Boss audio Bass900 subwoofer strapped to the back. I like the two little satellite speakers that sit over your shoulders while wearing this thing. Power is supplied by a 10-cell rechargeable battery belt which might make you look a little like a suicide bomber, so you might not want to bring this thing with you to the airport.


If you’re ready to rattle your bones and be the life of the party, you can get this wearable speaker vest over on Etsy now for $850 (USD).