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CPU Wars: Trump Cards for Techies

 |  |  |  |  |  December 11, 2011

Engineer/consultant/card shark Harry Mylonadis has given the classic trump card game a geeky refresh. His new project CPU Wars pits 30 of the most significant computer processors in a battle of numbers, a game which PC enthusiasts already play with real computer components.

cpu wars trump card game

In case you’re not familiar with the card game, the rules are simple. Each card comes with a set of stats. The trump cards that I grew up with mostly featured airplanes, vehicles or artillery; CPU Wars trades wingspan, horsepower and caliber with stats like clock speed and max TDP.

cpu-wars-trump-card-game 2

To play the game, each player (up to 6 players can play the game) is dealt a random hand and takes turns naming a stat and whether the contest for that turn will be higher or lower, e.g. higher Max Clock Speed wins. The person with the highest/lowest stat wins and gets the cards of the losers. You lose when you have no more cards. Decks also usually have one “Super Trump”, a card with very strong stats and therefore guarantees a win. Of course, you’re free to make up your own rules if you wish. But my rules trump yours.

You can pre-order a deck of CPU Wars at Kickstarter for $15(USD). I wonder why Mylonadis didn’t start out with graphics cards. That would’ve been a more appropriate fit.

[via Laughing Squid]