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Mr. Android Really is One Massively Geeky Looking Guy

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 29, 2011

I think that many of us have a mental image of what the average person that uses certain types of devices might look like. For instance, I picture the typical Apple as a person with designer glasses and a penchant for overpriced coffee. At the same time, the Android user always makes me think of a geek that really wants to be different, and cares more about his or her technology than the package it comes in.

The gang at BlueStacks has compiled a bunch of data on users of Android and used that data to make up a composite image of Mr. Android for 2011.


The data shows that there is a 37% chance the Android user is wearing glasses and two-thirds of a chance he is clad in jeans. The Android guy has a 62% chance of being in some sort of relationship. He also has an 18% chance of having an unusually large head. The full-size image that puts all this stuff together is ginormous so you will need to check it out in full here so you can read all the facts and figures.

[via AllThingsD]