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Giant Fist Koozie is Every Beer Drinker’s Dream Koozie

 |  |  |  |  |  September 17, 2012

You gotta love those koozies that keep your beer (or whatever your beverage of choice is) insulated while you eat, watch TV, or do whatever it is you do while you gulp down your drink.┬áIf you’re feeling especially macho, then you need a koozie that reflects just that. And there’s only one koozie that’ll manage to do just that for you: the Giant Fist Koozie.

Giant Fist Bumping Koozie
It sort of reminds me of the Sandman’s massive fists which he formed out of sand, just as he was getting ready to land a huge punch of Spiderman. And if it were green, there’s only one character that this giant fist could belong to, and that’s The Hulk.

Aside from insulating your cans, most bottles and plastic cups (including the iconic red booze cups) also fit fine into the Giant First Koozie. It’s normally available for $16.49(USD) from Perpetual Kid, although it’s out of stock right now. But check back once in a while because it might be back in stock soon.

[via Gadget Review]