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This Belt Doubles as a Scooter

 |  |  |  October 30, 2014

Product designer Ádám Török, from Sopron, Hungary, came up with the idea for this truly unique scooter. He made it for a school graduation project. His thinking is that in the future, most vehicles will be portable. So why not have a belt that converts into a scooter?

scooter belt
Maybe you missed the bus or don’t have a car. No worries. You won’t have to walk. Just take off your belt and use it as a scooter. This not very stylish belt is made of metal and plywood and weighs about four pounds.

scooter belt1
That’s certainly a heavy belt, but as technology progresses and materials get lighter, this could become more feasible. Who knows? One day we may wear our motorcycles like vests too.

[via designboom via Neatorama]