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Death Star Mood Light: That’s No Desk Lamp!

 |  |  |  July 20, 2015

Sad about Alderaan? Did your wookiee co-pilot fly you into some space worm’s mouth? No need to stress. Check out the Death Star Mood Light. The Death Star not only kills things, it also helps you relax with it’s soothing glow. It’s USB powered and the display stand is transparent, so it looks kind of like it’s hovering.

It is as if this weapon had been redesigned by much nicer guys. All of the details of the Death Star are here. It just won’t stress you out when it points it’s death ray at you. This is the perfect night light for a nice calm night of sleep. You will sleep like the souls of Alderaan and rest in peace.


You can get one from Firebox for $31.99(USD). Use its power responsibly.