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Samurai Armor Hoodie: Perfect for NERF Swords

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 12, 2016

Feudal Japan would have been way different if samurais ran around wearing hoodies. Sure, swords would just go through them like a knife through butter, but they would have looked damn good. Modern samurais however, can wear these cool hoodies and stay safe… or at least warm.


These hoodies are designed to look like the kozane armor that samurais wore way back in the day. Wearing a sword is optional and may get you into trouble these days though. It does a great job recreating the layered shell armor that protects warriors from sword blades.


The front has armor-like patches with flock print patterns. The buttons at the top of the hood let you hang decorative elements and O-rings on the top front armor have removable silk himo cords.

Other features include removable shoulder armors, a finger loop on the wrist armor, and even a hanya mask with elastic straps that doubles as a neck warmer. what more could you want from modern Samurai armor?


You can order your Samurai Armor Hoodie over on Indiegogo now for $320(USD). The campaign has already blown through its funding goal, so they’re expected to go into production with deliveries starting this Fall.

[via Cool Things]