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A Drill-powered Skateboard Is an Awesome Way to Travel

 |  |  |  June 1, 2016

Sure, you could get yourself one of those fancy electric longboards that are all the rage right now, but they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these will cost you around $1,600(USD), and will take time to arrive. Say you don’t have that cash lying around, and feel the need for speed now. Well, there is one clever solution, but be warned, it is silly.

All you have to do is what Igor from Inspire To Make did. He rigged up a skateboard axle and wheels to accept power from a flexible drill bit extender and a right-angle adapter. It looks like he can get some decent speed running the whole thing off a portable electric drill. The whole setup will cost you less than $500 even if you have to buy a drill.

Apparently, he was able to get up to about 10 mph with practice. Not bad. This is certainly a fun way to ride around town if you don’t mind looking weird doing it.

[via Sploid]