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Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood with this Giant Inflatable Fortnite Battle Bus

 |  |  |  |  September 11, 2018

Fortnite fans have trouble breaking away from the game, so I’m not sure they would even get to enjoy this officially licensed Fortnite Battle Bus inflatable Halloween decoration. Measuring in at over 17 feet tall and 18 feet long, I suppose you could use it kind of like a bat-signal. In other words, if other Fortnite fans see it in your yard, they know there’s a game going on inside.

Of course, others who don’t know what this bus is all about will wonder why you have a giant inflatable bus on your lawn. How many senile grandparents will walk their grandchild to this bus thinking that it will take them to school? Also, sadly you can’t go inside and be whisked off to a faraway island to kill other people and build forts for no reason. They really need more plot in that game.

I say you fill this thing with helium so you can be carried into the air just like in the game. Pack a parachute and just jump whenever you see an island. Seriously though, they really missed an opportunity by not making this bus flyable. I believe in authenticity. If it flies in the game, it should fly over your yard. If you’ve got $400 to blow, you can grab this over on Amazon today, and have it in plenty of time for Halloween.

[via Internet vs Wallet]