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You Might Actually Wear These Star Trek Hoodies Every Day

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 12, 2018

I love many of the Star Trek clothing items that are based on Starfleet uniforms, but most of them are a little too over the top to wear on a daily basis. That’s why I am really digging these hoodies right here. They’re good-looking, quality made, and a bit more down to Earth compared to the average Star Trek garb, while still allowing you to fly your geek flag high.

They are black but with the accent color of your favorite Starfleet division and the Delta logo embroidered on the chest. Wear them with pride. They may not have a phaser or tricorder holster built into them, but they do have a hidden opening for earphone cords in the pocket as well as earphone loops inside.

These hoodies are so understated that you can finally show off your love for Star Trek without going full nerd at warp speed. They only cost about $28 each from BadWolfClothingUK’s Etsy shop. You better order yours now, because I think they will go quickly.

These are just so good looking. They are exactly what I want in a Star Trek hoodie. I may just buy both Command and Engineering. Science is for green-blooded Vulcans only.

[via SciFi Design]