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Realistic Furry Cat Mask: Nope, That’s Not Creepy

 |  |  |  |  March 5, 2019

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and you want to give your cat a heart attack, check out this crazy looking furry cat mask. It’s so realistic that your cat will hate you forever for scaring it to death.

After you pony up roughly $2,700, Japanese creative outlet Shindo Rinka and modeling workshop 91 will create this lifelike cat mask for you based on photos of your pet. Furries and crazy cat ladies everywhere are now cracking open their piggy banks. It’s called “My Family” masks, and it is meant to symbolize the bond that you have with your pets.

Just send in the best picture of your cat and they will turn it into a mask created from a hand-sculpted mold. They even go so far as to add faux fur which is further painted for details.

This thing is just terrifying. Why would you do this to poor little Fluffy? If I put this thing on, my cat is never talking to me again. Not that my cat actually talks to me. Not that I’m admitting anyway. It’s not weird. Nevermind. Anyway, look at how terrified that cat is in the second image. It’s never seen a giant cat before and thinks it’s about to be dinner.

[via designboom via Luxury Launches]