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We Want to Play this LEGO Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

 |  |  |  |  |  June 10, 2019

LEGO makes some really cool kits, but as far as I know, they’ve never released a set that looked like an arcade machine. But after seeing this awesome build by brick-building expert Frostbricks, I really hope they consider it. What you’re looking at here is a LEGO version of the arcade classic Donkey Kong.

It’s got everything you know and love about the classic Nintendo arcade game, including those wonky red girders and blue ladders, and figures of Jumpman, the Princess, and a brick-built version of that annoying barrel-tossing monkey. I hope that Frostbricks submits this to LEGO Ideas, as I’d love to see a whole series of LEGO classic arcade machines. I’d certainly buy them.

Be sure to check out Frostbricks’ gallery and Instagram page for more awesome LEGO creations and some of his sweet toy photography. I especially love the fast food stands that look like a burger, fries, and a shake.