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Take A POV Ride Around This 224-Foot Long LEGO Roller Coaster

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | February 23, 2021

Giving the roller coaster that was 2020 a run for its money, enjoy this GoPro’s point-of-view ride along the 68-meter (224-foot) roller coaster constructed by Akiyuki Brick Channel. Could you imagine if this had existed in Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Those kids would have never even wanted to be returned to normal size.

Traveling at a speed of 0.38-meters/second (1.2-feet/second), the roller coaster cart pulls itself along the track, which includes cranks, corkscrews, somersaults, stairs, wall rides, and bridges. I particularly liked the parts where the track was moved to allow the cart to continue on its way instead of crashing, like at 1:58 (track moves down) and 2:14 (seen below, LEGO Mustang pushes the track into place). I only wish I could ride this in real life.

After the POV ride, there’s some additional footage of how the roller coaster cart moves, and how each unique element of the roller coaster track works. It really is a marvel of ingenuity, and I wish I had the time and money to build something similar. But mostly the money, because then I’d be rich.