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Transforming Drone Can Drive, Crawl, Stand, and Fly

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 30, 2023

Developed by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, the bio-inspired Morphobot M4 (Multi-Modal Mobility Morphobot) is a robot capable of rolling, crawling on its wheels, standing on two wheels, and flying, depending on the necessity. I like how its wheels are also its crawling arms AND its flying rotors. That is what we call multi-purpose. Also: probably expensive to replace at the dealership.

The robot, which can decide autonomously what manner of locomotion is best fit for its current objective, was designed to “push the boundaries of robot locomotion by designing a system that showcases extraordinary mobility capabilities with a wide range of distinct locomotion modes.” Which, I think we can agree, it achieved. Now all it needs to do is be able to swim, and there isn’t anywhere it can’t go.

One day soon, watching crawling, flying, rolling robots speeding around your city will be an everyday occurrence. And so will be hiding from them and their human-melting lasers and flamethrowers. I’ve played video games; I know where this technology is headed!

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