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Mini Replicas of Vintage Computers Are Some Microprocessors

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | August 28, 2023

Carefully constructed by Montreal-based designer and modelmaker Nicolas Temese of Miniatua, these tiny computer replicas really make it hard to tell they aren’t full-size. I mean, if he didn’t occasionally include his hand in the photos for size reference. Either those are some tiny computers, or the Titans have awoken to destroy us all.

Nicolas has made miniature versions of the normally room-sized IBM 704, first introduced in 1954, as well as an IBM 1401, IBM PC 5150, and a diorama of David Lightman’s room and IMSAI computer and the WOPR from WarGames. That was a good movie and probably a prophetic one considering the untethered advancement of AI.

The tiny computers include screens that cycle through command prompts and games, as well as LED lights for added realism. They sure don’t make computers like they used to, do they? They do not, and that’s a good thing – could you imagine using one of those dinosaurs? I do miss the old green-screen monochrome monitors, though. I mean, really, who needs more than one color anyway?

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