15 Most Valuable Funko Pops Ever Made

15 Most Valuable Funko Pops Ever Made

Super fans love to have a collectible from their favorite movies, TV shows, games, music… you name it! If you enjoy something, you’ll want to collect everything and anything related to it. This is why Funko Pops are great yet accessible merchandise for fans. They make vinyl figures…


12 Unforgettable Female Characters

TV shows and movies are filled with unexceptional or depthless female characters. Many on-screen women are able to stir something amazing in us. Daring,…

Top Gun

12 Films Protagonists Who Are Horrible People

In a movie, you’re supposed to root for the protagonist. They’re one of the main characters and are generally written as likable. Sometimes, however,…


TV Shows That Stunk After A Great First Season

The debut season of a television series is sometimes the best it gets. Whether it’s the show trying to prove itself to audiences, or…

Traveler eating in restaurant

15 Ultimate Vacation Spots For Foodies

One of my favorite parts of visiting a new city is discovering its famous foods and restaurants. Foodies like myself agree, and many plan…

Terminator 2

25 of the Most Iconic Movie Quotes

The best movie quotes are the ones that have entered the popular lexicon. Whether we recite them for comedic effect or to enhance our…

The Princess Bride

The 15 Most Iconic and Quotable Movies Ever Made

One of the most fun things you can do in life is quote your favorite movies. It’s simple and seems silly, but my sense…

Friends eating Pizza in Europe

15 American Foods Non-Americans Wish They Had in Their Countries

For decades, other countries have looked askance at American cuisine, claiming that we lack the refined palate of our international neighbors. But we do…

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