One Day (2011) Anne Hathaway

15 Worst Accents Stars Used in Popular Movies

It can be tricky to master accents, even for our favorite actors and actresses. Despite a gripping storyline and excellent production, a terrible accent can create a jarring experience for movie fans. We can rely on actors like Tom Hanks to replicate realistic accents. Likewise, we trust actors…

Saint Maud

12 Films That Prove Americans Love To Be Scared

Horror movies allow us to escape the boredom of modern life. Horror catalyzes heart rates and excites viewers with terrifying scenarios that also provide…


11 Transformative Apps Innovating Wellness and Fitness

It’s the new year, and you know what that means. More people are going to the gym and trying to get back on track…


12 of This Year’s Hottest Cars

Who’s looking for a new car in 2024? This is when the dealerships roll out the new models. There have been some serious advancements…

Sons of the Forest

15 Demanding Video Games To Push Your PC To Its Limits

Developers constantly push video game visuals to new frontiers with each new console generation. Only a few games are made with powerful computer builds…


10 Times The Soundtrack Was Better Than The Movie

Music can sometimes make a movie. Otherwise, it will interfere with its flow. However, there are occasions when a film’s soundtrack stands alone as…

Computer Hacker

11 Notorious Computer Viruses

For all of the benefits of the digital age, there’s always the threat of bad actors attacking business and personal computers. Computer viruses can…

Man using mobile in gym

Fitness Apps To Get You Fit This Year

This is the time of the year when most Americans take control of their fitness. Accountability and basic knowledge are the hardest aspects of…

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