15 of the Most Valuable Stamps Amongst Collectors

Only a few people in the modern world prefer to send snail mail, but that doesn’t mean the value of stamps is going down anytime soon. If you have someone who used to collect stamps or even any old mail lying around, you should check their stamps before…


14 Things That Are Way Too Expensive Today

There’s no beating around the bush: virtually everything is more expensive today. Some things are now so expensive that they’re no longer worth the…


10 Fictional Characters That We’d Vote For President

In today’s political climate, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would be universally supported as President of the United States due to prevailing…


15 Movies That Would Have Performed Better On Different Release Date

Film fans love to speculate about why some movies aren’t as successful as the fans and the studios assumed they would be. However, there…

Fight Club

25 Incredible Films Which Were Adapted From Books

When adapting movies from books, the final product can be hit or miss. Sometimes you lose important details from a novel when translating it…

City Slickers

12 Beloved 90s Comedies That Will Never Get Old

While you and I may view the 90s as something that happened 10-20 years ago, they actually began almost 25 years ago. Yet it…

Kate Winslet

15 British Actors Who Can Play Americans

When I first moved to America, my accent stood out a lot, drawing admiration from many. Nobody told me I would have to fight…

Every Martin Scorsese Movie Ranked

Every Martin Scorsese Movie Ranked

Martin Scorsese has had one of the most illustrious careers in Hollywood. From his start making studio pictures to his pivot into imaginative biopics,…

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