13 Restaraunt Chains That We Still Love To Eat At

As we continue to navigate a post COVID-19 world, there’s no denying that certain restaurants have gone downhill in quality. Whether it’s due to the struggles of inflation, laziness from the owners, or even a change in ownership, it’s easy to tell that certain restaurants have lost their…

You've Got Mail

10 1990s Films That Capture The Spirit of the Decade

Each decade has its own set of characteristics that define that era in the general sense. In the cinema, audiences can usually decipher a…


Movies from the 80s We Love to Watch Ironically

Children of the ‘80s with a sense of humor all had a favorite ‘80s movie recorded on VHS tape. For guys, it might be…

Drop Dead Gorgeous

15 Underrated Movies We Love To Watch

Some of the best movies aren’t critically acclaimed award winners or box office juggernauts. They’re the cult classics that found an audience years, or…

Monsters, Inc.

Top 15 Kid and Family Films Perfect for Movie Night

Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and snuggle together because it’s family movie night! Finding the right movie for family night can be difficult,…

The Evolution of the Workday: 15 Ways Productivity Shapes Our Hours

The Evolution of the Workday: 15 Ways Productivity Shapes Our Hours

You’re not alone if you’re constantly distracted and searching for ways to boost your productivity at work. Whether you work at home or in your…

Uncharted 4

15 Best Protagonists In Video Games

The protagonists in narrative-focused video games are the ones we spend most of our time with during gameplay. In a way, the likeability of…

15 Top Michael Sheen Roles

15 Top Michael Sheen Roles

Sometimes, an actor can escape your notice until you see them portray a character that you completely fall in love with. Then, if you…

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