15 Films Should Have Been Over In 10 Minutes

It seems that more often than not today, movies are padding their runtime. A 90-minute movie is often stretched into a 2+ hour film. But some movies shouldn’t even last 90 minutes; they should be over in 10 minutes.  Because the script demands 90 minutes of runtime, the…


17 Movies With Zero Expectations That Blew Us Away

Never judge a book by its cover. You can say the same about movies. Some of our favorite films are the ones we went…

Man collecting stamps

15 Highly Valuable Stamps Amongst Collectors

Only a few people in the modern world prefer to send snail mail, but that doesn’t mean the value of stamps is going down…

10 90’s Albums Whose Cover Art Is Immediately Recognizable

10 90’s Albums Whose Cover Art Is Immediately Recognizable

Some of us miss the ’90s. Who didn’t love visiting record stores, scanning all those beautiful album covers for your favorite artists, and perhaps…

Quantum Leap (1989)

15 Shows That Defined ‘80s Television

Certain TV shows define their eras. The style, cars, fashion, and music are among the factors that attach those programs to the time they…

underrated ps2 games

20 Underrated PS2 Games

The PS2 had some truly revolutionary games, but the community overlooked many fantastic games as there was too much choice! If you’re looking for…

Black Widow

15 Movies That Would’ve Done Way Better on a Different Release Date

Film fans love to speculate about why some movies aren’t as successful as the fans and the studios assumed they would be. However, there…

Woman cleaning

15 Small Improvements That Will Increase a Home’s Value

Homeowners love a higher home value, but many don’t know where to start to accomplish this. Here’s a handful of straightforward home improvements anyone…

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