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Dining in the Sky: Hope You Wore Your Parachute

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Written by Paul Strauss | June 30, 2007

This strange restaurant combines the delights of dining with a thrill of well, a thrill ride. You’ll travel about 150 feet into the sky before you chow down on a gourmet meal prepared mid-air.

Dinner in the Sky

Dangling Feet

Dinner In The Sky uses a mobile crane to lift its entire 22-seat open-air dining room over city streets all over Europe. Before they can leave the earth, diners are strapped into their seats with a four-point harness as if they were about to get onto a ride at Great America.

The whole setup is available for rent starting from about 7900 € (a little more than $10,000 USD) for a day in the operator’s homeland of Belgium. They’ll even bring the dining room to other countries for a bit more money. Those prices don’t include electricity or catering either, so this is clearly an experience reserved for the filthy rich.

My only recommendation… be sure to hit the bathroom BEFORE you take off.