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Metaphys Lunacalante CD Player Exposes Its Disc

 |  |  |  |  |  August 18, 2007

Metaphys Lunacalente CD PlayerThis CD stereo out of Japan features a unique design that has part of the spinning CD stick out of its case. From what I can tell, you insert the disc into a slot on the top of the case, then a motor pulls it in and about 1/4 of the disc sticks out of the bottom of the player as it spins.

The player was designed by Japan’s Hers Design, some of the same minds who brought us the Xbox 360 case design. The company offers a variety of sleek, modern electronics and appliances under the Metaphys brand name.

It’s unclear if and when this design will go into production, since they’re still listing it as a design prototype. I’d be concerned that somebody might slice off a finger or two with it.