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Flash Drive / Lighter Combo: Why is My Pc on Fire?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 2, 2007

Every time I think I’ve seen every possible USB flash memory gimmick, another one comes along and does something I never thought was necessary. This flash drive not only stores your precious files, it’s got a built-in cigarette lighter.

Memlite USB Flash Drive Lighters

I’m not convinced that a device filled with lighter fluid is a good thing to plug into any power source, but that’s just me. If you happen to have one of those laptops with an overheating battery, the butane in this thing would make for a nice pyrotechnic show. I suppose if you could use USB to actually control the flame, that would be pretty cool though.

If you just absolutely have to light up while you’re at your PC, they’re available from Memlite in several candy-like colors, and in memory sizes from 512MB (appx. $25 USD) to 4GB (appx. $75 USD.)

[via Prylfeber via OhGizmo!]