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Xbox 360 Ultimate in the Works?

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 2, 2008

Is Microsoft getting ready to announce a new Xbox SKU? The guys over at Stuff.TV are reporting that the company is readying a new top-of-the-line console model called the Xbox 360 Ultimate.

Xbox 360 Elite Closeup

Aimed squarely at Sony’s Playstation 3 high-end hardware features, the Ultimate console is rumored to include built-in HD-DVD playback, Wi-Fi, improved audio circuitry, a 65nm chipset, and a 320GB hard drive so you’ll have plenty of storage space for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox IPTV service and other downloaded content. Perhaps my favorite part of the rumor is an improved cooling system that’ll allow for virtually silent operation — fan noise being one of my pet peeves with the current 360 series.

Stuff believes the Xbox 360 Ultimate will hit stores in Autumn 2008. Only time will tell if the rumors are true. Stay tuned.

[via eXophase]