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Mega Man Energy Drink Helps You Beat Down Robot Masters

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 19, 2008

To herald the launch of much-anticipated game Mega Man 9, an officially licensed Mega Man sports/energy drink is coming out in Japan.

The drink will be called “Rockman E Can Drink” because it’s coming out in Japan and Mega Man is called Rockman over there. The drink will cost ¥137, or about $1.25 a can. No word on what it tastes like, though.

This drink brings to mind past retro video game-inspired energy drinks such as Super Mario Power-Up and Donkey Kong Jungle Juice. All of this gives me a great idea. Why doesn’t someone open up a place that has arcade games and serves arcade cocktails? The chef could dress like the chef from BurgerTime, and the waiters could dress like angry pickle slices. Great idea, no?

[via xorsyst]