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Flexicord Cables: the Slinky Evolved

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 21, 2009

The main reason why I’m looking forward to a wireless future is because wires and cables are really messy. I can set things up fine, I know how to use color codes and to match shapes and to match the male end with the female end, but the way they sprawl all over the place is really irritating. For now we have wireless routers and soon, wireless USB, but for everything else I guess we’ll have to settle for Flexicord cables.

flexicord cable audio video usb wire cord

Flexicord cables are 10 ft long, but they can be compressed to as small as 1 ft. As you can see the cable holds its shape and length and can be reshaped and resized as needed.

flexicord cable audio video usb wire cord

There are Flexicord USB cables, HDMI cables, RJ-45 network cables, S-Video cables and even Composite Video cables. The cables get their Reed Richards skills from a patent-pending technology called Memory Cord. I’ll stop playing salesman for a while and point out that if your USB device is always as close to your computer as the one pictured above, then I think you’ll be overdoing it if you get one of these stiffy stretchies. But I know a lot of people who could use one of these, myself included.

flexicord cable audio video usb wire cord

The HDMI Flexicord cable was hailed as one of the most innnovative products of CES 2009. Unfortunately, these cables are not yet widely available, but you can contact e-filliate, the Flexicord‘s distributor and at 1-800-592-7031 for orders.

Flexicord: Always The Right Length. (That’s What She Said.)

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