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G.I. Joe 2.0: America’S War Bots

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 19, 2009

I think the best advantage in sending robots instead of humans to armed conflicts is simply the fact that robots are not human. Robots don’t have feelings or families, so no one gets hurt if a robot goes down, not even its fellow robots. Robots are not alive, which means they can’t die.

Brainz showcased some of America’s present and future killing machines, developed in the superpower’s quest to lessen bloodshed. On their side at least. I must say, these warbots look like a bunch of proto-Decepticons.


The white one on the left is Boeing’s X-45 UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle). Here’s how Brainz describes them: “Like horrors from a science fiction film, these things are meant to travel in packs, autonomously, and engage targets with lethal speed, maneuverability, and armament.” Sounds like Protoss Interceptors to me.*pees a little*

Uhm anyway the “dwarf-sized autonomous helicopter” on the right is the MQ-8 Fire Scout. Although he looks friendly with his smile and starry eyes, the MQ-8 is a killing machine. It can be fitted with Hellfire missiles and other “laser-guided armaments”; testing is also being done with alternative versions that are equipped with .338 caliber rifles. For pew pew pewing humans.


The one on the left looks like a movie prop, but its actually the US Marine Corps’ Gladiator. Smaller than a Mini, the Gladiator can be fitted to carry supplies for fleshbags, or it can be equipped with “enough mortar tubes to level a building a quarter-mile away.” Wow.

The one on the right isn’t actually autonomous, but I’m mentioning it because it comes closest to being the future infantry. Called TALON, it’s remote-controllable for up to 1,000 ft away, and although it “only comes up to knee height”, the TALON is a remote-controlled nightmare. It can be fitted with an M16, a .50 caliber rifle or an M249 machine gun. In the future, Counter-Strike players will have to choose between terrorists and TALONS.

So Old Snake was right: War has changed. Read the full article at Brainz and be cautiously impressed. I mean it would be stupid to assume that these things can’t be used, hacked or reverse-engineered for evil purposes. Why can’t we all just get along, you know, buy the world a Coke?

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