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Psp 3000, Now Polished With a Plethora of Pleasing Lights

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 17, 2009

Some mods look deceptively simple, like this customized PSP 3000. Sure, you see a few lights, and if you check out the in-progress pictures, you can even see more of the upgrades and fitting progress. But the end result is a disco inferno of lights and sounds that you’d never expect from looking at this picture.

psp 3000 mod

It’s colorful. It’s bright. It may also be a seizure-inducing weapon if wielded properly. Check out glitz around 1:14 to see what’s really up with this one, and then just let it play.

Modder Val claims this is the first PSP 3000 to get special treatment from him. I, at least, am hoping for more, as this is a really clean upgrade.