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Technabob’s Most Popular Posts of 2009

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 26, 2009

The end of the year is upon us, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you guys for another great year here on technabob. Since we started back in 2006, every year has been better than the last. Looking back at 2009, nearly 4 million people around the globe stopped by to say hello, and these were the posts that they read the most.

If you missed any of these posts during the year, be sure to click some of the links below and check them out. And if you did read them already, you rock!

  1. bet you can’t do this with blu-ray: awesome cassette tape portraits
  2. sky news samples 6 computer repair shops in london: guess how many tried to scam them?
  3. super mario cake goes the extra pipelength
  4. guy builds daft punk helmet for his kid brother, making every kid on the face of the earth jealous
  5. iphone 3gs price, release date and specs announced
  6. console x-rays: how to get inside your video game system without voiding the warranty
  7. philips cinema 21:9 ultra widescreen perfect for movie snobs
  8. psp-3000 hacked: one small step for hackers, one giant step for homebrew
  9. tiny living room makes its way inside pc
  10. nopopo batteries: hey pee, I see urine my battery!
  11. lego starcraft II units: more detailed than the real (virtual?) thing
  12. pac-man on twitter
  13. aperture science van tooling around, scaring the hell out of people
  14. somniloquy: the future will be filled with environment-friendly pirates
  15. sony psp go pics leaked
  16. sparkly usb bracelet stores memories on your wrist
  17. recharge your gadgets with a hand crank
  18. lego usb hubs offer colorful, stackable connectivity
  19. barnes & noble nook price and release date announced
  20. donkey kong junior shower is truly bananas
  21. dell inspiron mini 9 netbook price drop to $199
  22. u-fizz makes anything fizzy and bubbly
  23. the 8-bit computer is back, ready to hack, and plays nes games to boot
  24. fc mobile 2 the best portable nes gets a 1up
  25. $15,000 1989 collector’s item legend of zelda… plate.

Thanks again for a great year in 2009, and be sure to keep coming back in 2010 for more cool gadgets, games and gizmos.