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Crazy Maze of Time Watch Will a-Maze Friends and Prove You Are a Geek

 |  |  March 8, 2010

I long ago gave up wearing a wrist watch for several reasons. I was always getting my watch wet washing my hands and a watch gives you crazy tan marks on your arm in the 465-degree Texas summer heat. I saw this cool design concept on Yanko Design website that I would wear though.

Maze of Time

The watch looks very hard to read at first glance, so you could impress your friends by being able to read the thing at all. Once you look closely at the design the watch is deceivingly easy to read. The yellow lines make the number for the first hours digit, the blue is for the second hour digit, red is for the first minute digit, and the green is for the last minute digit. You can see in the image above exactly how the numbers are displayed.

It’s cool and easy to read once you get the hang of it with the hours on the outside and the minutes going to the inside. The Maze of Time watch is a concept now, but I bet something like it turns up eventually since it’s pretty cool.