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Spiderpodium: Let Your iPhone and iPod Do the Walking

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 14, 2010

I’ve seen some strange looking cases and stands for media players in my days, but this one is definitely unique among the crowd.


Assuming you’re not an arachnophobe, you might enjoy one of these Spiderpodium stands for your media player or phone. But if you’re like many, you’ll probably think they’re too creepy looking. All I could think of when I saw these things was that scene from John Carpenter’s The Thing where the decapitated head sprouts legs and starts walking. If you can actually get over the creepy-crawliness of it all, the bendy-legged design is actually quite ingenious, letting you put your iPhone, iPod, or other handheld gadgets just about anywhere.


If spiders and other 8-legged things don’t give you the heebee jeebees, you can pre-order the Spiderpodium from breffo for £14.99 (appx. $23 USD).

[via Chip Chick via SlipperyBrick]