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Boba Fett Guards Your Money

 |  |  |  |  |  July 17, 2010

So you’ve got some spare change lying around, do you? Who wants a stupid old piggy bank when you can have Boba Fett keep an eye on your coinage?


This Boba Fett bust bank is perfect for keeping all of your change in check, and should defintely keep your money safe from Jedi or Rebel scum who might want to steal your money. It’s designed based on digital files direct from the Lucasfilm Archives, and measures in at about 8-inches tall. I’m not sure how many Galactic Credits it will hold, or if Galactic Credits even come in coin or paper form, but it’ll definitely hold plenty of Pennies, Rupees, Yen or Pesos.

The only bad news about the Boba Fett bank is that it’s not shipping until this December. But if you pre-order one for just $18.99 (USD) now, you can have a nice surprise in your mailbox just in time to start saving for your 2011 New Years resolution.