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Avengers Pre-Make Assembled From Other Geeky Movies

 |  |  |  |  |  August 15, 2010

It’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes wearing the Earth’s Lamest Costumes, in black and white! Ivan Guerrero, who’s made what he calls “pre-makes” of Star Wars and Ghostbusters, recently employed his fantastic film faking fkills skills to make an Avengers movie pre-make.


The video is just under three minutes long, which makes the list of old films and TV shows used to make the trailer even more astounding – I could mention all of the movies here, but there’s more than 50 of them, and besides you can view the list on YouTube if you really want your mind to be blown. Guerrero also managed to sneak in Stan Lee in the trailer. That’s some mad editing. Here’s the trailer:

Now that’s a trailer for a bad movie. But since it’s a trailer for a bad movie that doesn’t exist, that makes it an awesome trailer. Check out more of Guerrero’s work on his YouTube channel.

[via Forever Geek]