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Mophie Hands Out Workbook for iPad Users

 |  |  |  |  October 26, 2010

I remember back in grade school one of the worst things you could hear a teacher say was “get out your workbooks.” Mophie has offered up a workbook that won’t give you anxiety and flashbacks to first grade that is a case for the iPad.

The Workbook case has a synthetic leather surface dubbed “animal friendly” and a fabric lining that keeps the iPad from being scratched up. The cool thing about the Mophie Workbook is that when you open it up, the screen can be propped at just about any angle for more comfortable use. Also, all of the ports and controls of the iPad are left uncovered when the iPad is in the case.

This case is great for people that like to watch lots of video on the iPad or those who like to work on the road without looking down at the tablet.

You can get the workbook in five different colors for $59.95 (USD) and is available right now.