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Smartfish Engage Keyboard is Perfect for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers

 |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2011

If Picard needed a keyboard on the Enterprise, this thing you would have been prefect. It’s called the Engage after all and the wily captain could have pointed to the thing all day if he wanted. Smartfish’s Engage is a cool automated keyboard that adjusts all by itself to help ensure your hands and wrists are comfy while you type.

It seems like a keyboard moving on its own would be distracting, but Smartfish claims that the movements and adjustments the Engage makes are very subtle. The keyboard has a split QWERTY design with the keys you should control with each hand in their own sections.

The halves of the keyboard can be separated to a comfortable distance and the keyboard angle can be adjusted up or down to meet your needs. The Engage surfaced at CES, but you can already order your own for $149.99. Feel free to wear your Star Trek costume while you type.