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Monster iMotion CarPlay 3000 Motion Controls Your iPhone

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 28, 2011

Monster has a huge range of hardware and gear that it offers for music lovers. You can get all sorts of expensive cables and headphones. Monster makes gear for listening to audio in your car too, and the latest car product is the iMotion CarPlay 3000.

The device allows you to control the tracks on your Apple device via simple hand gestures. You can move your hand right to left to skip forward and left to right does the opposite. The idea is that you can move between tracks without taking your eyes off the road.

The adapter plugs into your iPhone using the charge and sync port. A 3.5mm headphone plug connects the iPhone or iPod to the car via an aux input. The clear downside I see to the design is that if your aux input is a long way from your DC outlet this thing might be worthless. My aux input is in the center console and the DC outlet is in the center of the dash so this would never work for me.

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