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Doctor Who Cheat Sheet Perfect for Who Newbies

 |  |  |  February 10, 2011

Whenever a friend or your significant other wonders why you keep watching 30-year old Doctor Who episodes, with what seems to be terrible special effects, then you can forward him/her this image that was created by Bob Canada. It’s a Doctor Who cheat sheet.

infographic doctor who retro cheat sheet

The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker’s signature scarf was over 18-feet long! Now that is a long scarf! There a lot of other fun facts on this pleasing infographic, all rendered with style. It’s best viewed in its full-size version over here.

infographic doctor who retro cheat sheet

My favorite Doctors are Tom Baker and David Tennant. It’s too bad that David Tennant chose to leave the series, but he had lasted five years. The new Doctor, Matt Smith, is actually pretty good though.

[via Kottke]